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Partial Paralysis of Hands and its cure
Published By sanika.nirgudkar on 2010-01-03 2259 Views

Hands are very important parts of the body. Right or left both are equally important. When a person gets partial paralysis and his/her hands are affected, in a way he/she becomes handicapped. Partial paralysis happens due to less blood flow to the brain. In some cases it might happen due to an accident or after an operation performed on the head. Hands take more time to heal than the rest of the body. Proper care has to be taken to heal hands from partial paralysis; otherwise it will lead to further complications. The patient should not be made to stand up holding him/her by the shoulders; there are chances of the shoulders getting dislocated due to pressure. This could result in stiffness of the shoulders, joints and fingers. If such stiffness occurs, shoulders or elbows should not be rubbed hard. They should be treated with steam therapy. Physiotherapy is a science used for such diseases. If hands are motionless, exercises taught in physiotherapy help heal the ailment. Exercises such as applying pressure to hands can be done. Getting up from the sleeping position in a proper way and own your own by turning on one side is taught, which will reduce chances of dislocation of the shoulders. Stiffness in shoulders is also treated by Capsular stretching exercises. Regular and daily exercise will help heal the hands and stop the pain. Once progress in the recovery is observed then Functional re-education exercises are taught. In this it is taught how to use the healing hands in doing some work. Work like opening doors, drinking water by picking up the glass, signing documents etc. In 5-6 months the patients starts using their hands for small types of actions. Regular massages and physiotherapy sessions will heal hands and patients of partial paralysis. However there has to be no break in the exercises taught in the treatment. They have to be done regularly and for the amount of time suggested by the doctor. Too much of exercise should not be done. This may result in overburdening the diseased limb.
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